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Next thing you know I'm being published in major publications like Sophisticate Black Hair Mag, Black Hair Mag, and Hype Hair! I mean these are the top 3 leading ethnic hair magazines in the United States and that's how it all started. I started showing up to my photo shoots feeling secure, worthy; chosen even. It let me know that I was good at it, it helped me understand that I too had a purpose. I was 21/22 years old and for the first time, I felt like I had a purpose. So yeah, I never stopped!

"This start of my career took place right in Fayetteville, NC.  A small ass country town compared to most popular, well-known cities. *lol* But I was born and raised in a much bigger demographic (Queens NYC).  Needless to say, I understand the term "bigger market" *lol*. I've done some traveling up and down the East Coast for work.  I get offers from Atlanta and more recently out of NYC.  I definitely feel that it is most beneficial to travel and network all throughout the states and not just in NC.  I anticipate a move in the next year or two. For sure!


“I consider myself to be somewhat of the "free spirited" type.  I'm familiar with "the struggle" and I have this sort of  humbling passive approach at times.  I love ALL KINDS of people. I mean I really, really do. Moving to the country from NYC, beginning to model, I slowly got my foot into the industry. I find being my authentic self if not only much easier but way more pleasurable. I've attracted so much good. So much meaning came into my life since I've awakened! I'm into everything! Absolutely everything inspires me in some small or big way. I find myself being encouraged by other people's testimonies day in and day out. You can kinda say it fuels me. My story isn't enough, you know?

“I've been what you called discovered!! lol. Never did I ever Think I'd have a calling for show biz! I just moved to Fayetteville, NC when I met a hairstylist/model by the name of Jazzmine. We bumped heads locally when she told me "I'd be the star of her show" and "her lioness". Soon after I was invited to be the opening act of a hair and fashion runway expo ...that landed me great exposure in the hair market.




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