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the BACo Youth Program

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The BĀCo Youth Program is a series of workshops for young creative entrepreneurs. It is a self-establishing program for underrepresented young adults. The program’s mission is to imprint a sense of empowerment within young creatives in marginalized communities by providing a strategic curriculum.

In May 2014, the Founder of Brooklyn Artistry & Company (BĀCo), Caprice “Prelo” White, partnered with the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Public Library’s Franklyn Ave location to organize an eight-week program dedicated to enhancing the creative entrepreneurship experience of local teens.​

With the relaunch of the program, BĀCo continues to provide resources that teach teens the skills they need to better their perspective on personal and professional growth. We hope this will help them be placed on the track to become business women and men. The students will learn how to formulate their dreams into attainable goals. By the end of the program, they will present their agenda and ideas to their peers and a group of small business owners who are interested in funding their program.

Our students will leave the program with comprehensive knowledge that will provide practical and tangible skills that they can apply to their goals in the future. With these skills, students should be able to transition into self-sufficient, independent members of their community.

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