Learning Center

Things To Know

What Type Of Instructors Are You Looking For?

BACo is inviting anyone who has a skill or trade they’re able to teach. This can be online Sip & Paints, Financial Literacy Workshops, Health and Wellness videos, or even Musical Theory. All instructional videos are welcome. 


How It Works

All creators will submit their instructional video to the application portal through All videos should range between 15 - 60 minutes and explained as a simple step by step process. Anything beyond 60 minutes will need to be broken down into a two or three-part video series. Customers will have to pay for each video separately. Along with the video, we will need a short bio about the instructor and what they create or instruct. 


Instructors can price their own videos. We just ask that you keep in between the price range of $15 - $45. 


How Do Members Purchase?

All members can purchase a video simply by clicking on it. They will be taken to a payment screen where they can finish the process. Members also have the ability to rent videos, should they want to embed and teach the session on their own platform. The rental will expire after 72 hours.


How Do Instructors Get Paid?

Instructors will be paid through PayPal every 1st and 15th of each month. They also have the option to be paid monthly. 


Brooklyn Artistry takes 10% of each video download. 


How Do You Join?

Submit your instructional video to the application portal below. 


If you’re ready to take control of the way you make money again start with the Brooklyn Artistry Learning Center.