Crowned Loft Party is a stimulating experience tying all of your senses in one night of creative energy.  Three New York natives will be the main attraction of the evening, installing a piece of art dedicated to the different levels of what being crowned is. 


There will be musical performances, art, food, and an open bar. The event is sponsored by The BĀCo Store who will be showcasing pieces from their newest collection, Oh, Mr. Bags!


We are currently looking for artists to exhibit their work. Below is the information that you’ll need. 



  • DJ Kenan Banks​

  • Live Installation: JDel, Raisin Brand, and Prelo White

  • TBS - Pop Up Shop

  • Up to 5 pieces

  • Pieces must not be larger than 30 x 30

  • Hanging equipment will be available

  • Deadline for submission is December 31st, 2019 11:59 PM [EST]

  • Each artist must sell at least 3 tickets before the event. Tracking codes will be given later.