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Everyone who knows Brooklyn Artistry knows we strive to be the mecca for anything art. For seven years we've hosted exhibitions, cultural events, and gave opportunities to artists. But not too many people realize it all started with Paint The World. The live art installation was the catalyst to the company's art culture. This September, we’re hosting another Paint The World. A three-part creative event that will uplift artists in art, music, and small business. 

In 2012 Paint The World was Brooklyn Artistry’s first major creative exhibition. The event had hosted workshops, vendors, and ten artists live painting experience.

"We housed over 350 guests at Bathaus’s coworking space. This year we’re doing it again but bigger and better."

Paint The World Murals

Ten muralists will come together and live paint a masterpiece themed to reflect Brooklyn as the

mecca to creatives from all over the world. Five teams will be given an 8ft x 8ft canvas to work on during the duration of the fully packed festival.

BĀCo Sound Effect

With art comes music. We’re teaming up with local music artists to host a concert featuring guests specializing in music ranging from alternative rap to jazz infusion. We’re giving a platform to  5 musical artists, each to perform a 30-minute set.

BĀCo Bazaar

Brooklyn Artistry is known for its appreciation for small businesses and freelancers. We’re hosting 20 vendors giving you access to affordable businesses.

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