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Black Cheers: How This Franchise Beat The Xenial Wave

Bedford-Stuyvesant, commonly known as Bed-Stuy, is a Brooklyn staple and has been since its creation in 1961. The popular neighborhood has a history painted of a crime-ridden memory. For most of the residents from here its the epicenter of Brooklyn culture. For decades its been the home where prominent black success stories like actress Lena Horne, cartoonist Tom Feelings, and of course, now billionaire Shawn Carter. As its popularity grew, its demand to live here did too.

It’s no secret that gentrification hit Bedford Stuyvesant worsts than other areas. In 2018 RentCafe did a report listing Bed-Stuy as one of the top five highest gentrified neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Bed-Stuy came in third on the list with Williamsburg being the first and Greenpoint being the second. With the rapid growth of gentrification, long-standing mom and pop businesses like Royal Rib House has decided to end their reign and while simultaneously newer Millenial and xenial businesses like BDSM house The Taillor Group emerge. While the ever-changing neighborhood seems to be more fitting for the newcomers the natives and more sustained locals look for a place that is a safe space for the nostalgia they try to keep.

Bed-Vyne Brew is the one bar that residents - old and new have its go-to safe space. The small corner bar only serves wine and beer and has been visited by many celebrities, mainly black and brown looking for a good time. In 2017, AM New York called it the new ‘Cheers.’ With its popularity growing on both ends of the perspective, the name seems to be fitting. It also doesn’t seem like the bar is going anywhere anytime soon. The franchise opened in 2011and has since opened multiple locations in different Brooklyn areas. While those other locations have their crowds, the Tomkins and Putnam Avenue site will be the one people remember.

Bed-Vyne is known for its hand in the arts and partnering with locals as its heavily involved in the development of TAMA Fest and Oktoberfest; a yearly beer fest hosted in an open lot owned by PAL. Recently, Brooklyn Artistry partnered with the franchise to expand BACo Sip & Paint. The weekly event will take place during one of a set played by DJ Kenan Banks, one of Brooklyn’s most versatile musicians in Brooklyn. While the partnership solidifies the expansion of BACo Sip & Paint growing the small event, the collaboration of these two companies propels a plan to keep the familiar culture in a neighborhood that is ever-changing and slowly losing its face.

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