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Can You Add More Color To That Psych Thriller?

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

So The Gridlock Theory is one of my favorite pet projects. I've been working on it since the dawn of time, and I've been consistently upgrading it ever since. With all the things I have going on in Brooklyn Artistry, you know this is something special to me because I still find time to dedicate a day or two to fine-tune the script.

Psych thrillers are a massive part of my cinematography catalog, but I noticed there aren't too many of them that feature a colorful cast. The reason why I didn't sell The Gridlock Theory was that white visions are a plague to colorful dreams. People of color are more than our traumatic pasts and the stereotypical idiosyncrasies that make it easy for non-people of color to comprehend. We're Teddy Daniel's, Hannibal Lector's, Catherine Tramell's, and Charlie Baltimore's. Not just our ancestor's struggles or products of systematic racism.

The main character, Julius, a serial killer suffering from dissociative identity disorder, was initially portrayed by Supe The Dude, another incredibly talented budding star. Supe is the lead rapper in Quantum Natal Adventures, better known as QNA. The jazz and hip-hop fusion breaks barriers with their sound and with Supe's effortless metaphorical lyricism. He's one of the smartest people I know. During auditions, he brought the perfect amount of dark existentialism and cavalier consistency I needed for Julius. To be honest, I can't see anyone else playing the role.

In The Gridlock Theory, one of the supporting leads, Visu, a sociopathic femme fatale, whose mission in life is to do whatever the fuck she wants, is portrayed by Jessica Davis. Jessica is an incredible actress and killed her role as Visu in the audition. Jessica, in reality, is a hardcore rocker with a fantastic sense of style and an incredibly versatile theatrical talent. Jessica is one of my go-to people for any project because I know she'll be able to bring my vision to life flawlessly.

These are the people we need to see.


Here's a rewrite of the first episode. Check it out and tell me what you think!

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