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E-Commerce Management Minutes =)

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

For everyone who tuned into the e-commerce management class, thank you (I be nervous), for everyone who couldn’t tune in here are all of the things I covered. Think of this as the E-commerce Management Minutes.

I’m Prelo, and when I’m not ranting on Facebook, I’m running BACo, which is Brooklyn Artistry, a platform for creatives who need resources on how to grow professionally. The online webinar that I gave today while at The Corners touches base on how you to approach e-commerce management.

Choosing your platform.

Make sure it’s an excellent platform for you to work on and a cost-effective one for you to build your online empire. Three platforms that I’d suggest are Shopify, Wix, and Big Cartel. Shopify is useful when you have multiple items that you’d like to sell. I use this platform for The BĀCo Store because I have an abundance of items that the TBS Market designers and I sell. It also integrates with multiple drop shippers, giving me the ability to shop around for third party partnerships. Big Cartel is a great platform when you have a small number of items that you’d like to sell. Something in the ballpark of like ten items. Wix is an excellent platform for you to use when you are offering a booking platform or a direct RSVP site.

Dropshipping, warehouse, and home shipping.

Dropshipping is when you partner with a third party that produces the item and sends it out to customers for you. After smart pricing, you strategize marketing and collect while they do the majority of the work. Warehouse shipping is when you have all of your items in one shipping place. They get your order and send it out to the customer; however, you provide them with the inventory. Home shipping is when you ship the items from your home, which I’d suggest you don’t do. Get a P.O. box for your business, so your info isn’t tethered to random strangers.

Product Pricing.

I told everyone to refer to this article for an in-depth understanding of how to price your items, but the idea is to make sure you won’t be in the red. This part is also essential when you need to start marketing.

Display and Functionality.

Make sure your site is minimal and seamless. Test the functionality of your website before launching so you can find out if you’re customer will have a transparent checkout process. The display of your website should be easy to read and straight to the point.


Come up with basic strategies months in advance. Once you’ve got your strategies down, you can start scheduling the distribution of your campaigns by using the abundance of tools offered to you.


Check out the video.

If there is anything you guys would like me to touch base on let me know in the comments =)

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