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Don't Shoot The Messenger But Empath's Are Toxic Too

Updated: Jan 21, 2023


Families and Boundaries: The Three Types of Homes

Our families have a great influence on our lives and it is important to have clear boundaries with them. The type of home we grow up in plays an important role in how we develop our relationships with our family. There are three main types of homes: those that are filled with love, those that are a group of survivalists, and those that are based on unchecked generational trauma. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between these three types of homes and how establishing boundaries can help to create a healthy relationship with our family.


Why Generational Curses are actually Trauma's Way of Haunting us

Many black families struggled with communication and verbally expressing love for one another. Ironically, expressing love was often seen through sacrifice. Love seemed to be conditional upon what someone could do for another. In the past, it was acceptable to love under conditions. Women were loved due to how well they took care of the home, men were loved due to how financially stable they were, and children were favored when they were obedient and didn't ask questions.


Unresolved Generational Trauma in the Black Community

The black community faces systemic barriers that have a disproportionate impact on us. Systemic barriers contribute to distrust and significant stigmas among the black community. Racist practices, a lack of equality when it comes to access to quality health care, access to safe and secure housing, educating ourselves and our children, and our abilities to make and manage financial decisions are some of the challenges that we face. As a result, we often turn inward for answers. Most of the time, our solution is to ignore or suppress our feelings, resulting in unresolved trauma.


Heard. Mental Check-Ins

Mental health problems are common and there are many effective ways to deal with them. Heard is one of those ways. This online event is a check-in to help you cope with day-to-day stresses and common mental health issues like anxiety and depression. These sessions are held in a safe space and are hosted to help you check in with your mood and mental status, set goals, and get feedback from others about your mood.


The Group Chat

The Group Chat is an interactive discussion about what it means to be in a safe and inclusive space as a person of color. The Group Chat is a web meet-up that talks about issues, culture, and creating a positive environment. This is where people of color and our allies can meet and talk about issues of privilege, inclusion, and culture.


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