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Family Boundaries: The Three Types Of Homes

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Blood is Thicker Than Water - That's The Problem


In black and brown families, tradition is an imperative asset to many cultures. It preserves the wisdom of heritage and can often be the thing that shapes pride in family ties, how they operate, and how they will raise their children. However, tradition can stray away from its positive intention when it doesn’t evolve with time.


Mental health problems are common and there are many effective ways to deal with them. Heard is one of those ways. This online event is a check-in to help you cope with day-to-day stresses and common mental health issues like anxiety and depression. These sessions are held in a safe space and are hosted to help you check in with your mood and mental status, set goals, and get feedback from others about your mood.


The Group Chat is an interactive discussion about what it means to be in a safe and inclusive space as a person of color. The Group Chat is a web meet-up that talks about issues, culture, and creating a positive environment. This is where people of color and our allies can meet and talk about issues of privilege, inclusion, and culture.

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