How To Market Your Art

The biggest mistake we do, first and foremost, is work in our business instead of on it. But sometimes it's the only thing we can do because our art isn't paying the bills quite yet. Being a professional artist is hard, and marketing yourself is even harder. When you're just starting, you have to be strategic and creative. I've compiled some helpful tips for you to showcase your work and broaden your audience, helping you get leads and sales.

Utilize Your Brand

Consistency in your brand is the most crucial part of marketing your product. Make sure that whatever you do has your logo or your business name on it. You want people to get so familiar with seeing it that they're reminded of it when they see something that resembles it.

Digital: Work with your fans and supporters. People love to see what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Feeling like they are a part of the process makes them feel like they can relate to you, and closeness creates a bond. Have more than one social media page, a website, and schedule emails. Be up to date and involved with the latest trends; that way, you're putting your touch on current events.

Face To Face: Make personal connections with people. Face to face interactions is good because it promotes word of mouth marketing. Meeting people is the right way for people to see the genuineness of your passion. People are more likely to remember you and want to do business with you when you give them a good personal impression. First impressions mean there's a high chance of them wanting to see you again.

Guerilla: Guerilla marketing would be fun to do. Stage a small campaign that will attract the interest of people who've never heard of you. You can do something simple like set up a workstation outside - if you're a visual artist. People are always interested in watching the creation of art.

Customer Service & Follow-Ups

Customer service is the key to word of mouth. If someone experiences greatness, they will inform others.

Staying On Top Of It

Keep your business thriving by making sure it's thriving. Consistency is key!

If you have something to add about how to market your art, drop a line in the comment section!

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