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Nominate Prelo White

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

If you're looking to advance women of color with small businesses, Prelo White is the person you should know. As a native of Brooklyn N.Y. and artist, she devoted over a decade of her career to uplifting artists.

Prelo is the Founder of Brooklyn Artistry, a platform for creatives to get resources. Prelo's experience ranges from brand development and creative strategies. She also organized numerous events and workshops geared toward adults and children.

Prelo is currently competing in The David Prize, a grant for visionaries in New York who are looking to grow a culture in the community. Although Brooklyn Artistry has a strong foundation and connection with local businesses having a home would elevate its mission. The David Prize is offering a $200,000 reward to the winner. The funds from this prize would help tremendously for Brooklyn Artistry's goal of having a gallery as its home.

Nominate Prelo here.

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