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The Devil She Knew - Chapter 4

Updated: Jun 2

The Devil She Knew

Theo’s hand snapped back, striking Lauren across the cheek with a sharp slap. The sound echoed through the dimly lit room like a gunshot, followed by a stunned silence. Lauren cupped her stinging cheek, her eyes widening in shock. “Ow! What the fuck, babe?” she exclaimed, rubbing the red imprint that was quickly forming.

Theo punched Lauren's chest, her knuckles thudding against her ribs. “NO! You what the fuck, Lauren!” she shouted, her anger boiling over.

Lauren, now recognizing the depth of Theo's rage, raised her hands in surrender, attempting to calm her. “Okay, I get that you're mad,” she began, her voice cautious.

“MAD?! I’m fucking furious!” Theo snapped, her voice as sharp as broken glass. She turned on her heel and stormed toward the door, her footsteps heavy with anger. Lauren followed, her own steps tentative, the tension between them palpable.

“Okay, I get that you’re furious, but I couldn't tell you who I was because it would have ruined the deal,” Lauren explained, trying to keep up with Theo's pace.

“Deal? Oh, do you mean the wager?” Theo corrected, her tone dripping with sarcasm.

Lauren flinched at the word. “C’mon, baby, don’t say it like it was some 1990s teen movie bet.”

Theo whirled around, her eyes blazing with fury. “Lauren, you literally made a fucking bet with God that you could make me fall in love with you. That’s EXACTLY what they do in 1990s teen movies!” Her voice was shaking with restrained rage.

Lauren swallowed hard, realizing she was only making things worse. “It was a wager,” she insisted, though her voice was softer now.

“A WAGER IS A FUCKING BET!” Theo yelled, her anger exploding. Lauren, realizing she wasn't helping the situation, tried to reach out to pull Theo into a hug, but Theo shoved her away.

“I’m sorry! It definitely could have gone differently, but I needed you to love me for me. I was afraid you’d run if you found out I was the Devil. People tend to... well, avoid that sort of thing,” Lauren said, her words tumbling over each other as she tried to explain.

Theo took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. “So you thought sending a psycho cyclists cult after me would help your case? WHY WERE THEY BICYCLISTS?” Her question was laced with confusion and fury.

Lauren fumbled for an answer. “Uh, yeah, that... that wasn’t the best idea. They already had the cycle gear, and I thought it would seem like... well, more like a regular cult thing and not... never mind, I didn't really think that one through,” she stammered.

Theo shook her head, pacing back and forth, her mind racing with questions. “I wanna punch you in the face right now,” she said, glaring at Lauren.

“No, you don’t.” Lauren smiled nervously, trying to lighten the mood as she reached out again. But Theo’s glare grew even colder, and Lauren quickly stepped back, hands raised in surrender. “Okay, maybe you do,” she said, her voice barely a whisper.

Theo stopped pacing, her breath heaving in and out. “I know you have so many questions,” Lauren said, trying to soften her tone.

“Haha, ya think?” Theo replied with a bitter laugh.

Lauren nodded, her eyes pleading. “I can answer anything you need me to.”

“Can you get us out of these fucking woods?” Theo demanded, her voice filled with frustration and exhaustion.

“Take my hand, and we’ll go home,” Lauren said, extending her hand. Theo reluctantly took it, and with a wave of Lauren's other hand, the woods dissolved into a small apartment living room. The walls were a hideous mix of red and cream, but the furniture was cozy and familiar. Art by Theo and Lauren hung on the walls, and a comfy sofa sat against the back wall.

Lauren tried to break the tension with a memory. “Remember when we bought this couch and we had to put those ugly spiky things under it because Gin and Jaden would claw their way into the bottom when they were kittens? Those things didn’t even work!” she said, trying to ease the atmosphere.

Theo gave her a stern look. “Why did you bring us to Jersey?” she asked, her voice tinged with irritation.

“This was the first life we built. This is where we founded our home together,” Lauren replied softly, her eyes searching Theo's for any sign of warmth.

Theo sighed, her anger still simmering but not as intense. They sat on the couch, the memories washing over them. Lauren leaned in a bit closer. “You know what I love about us, baby?” she asked, her tone gentle.

“What, Lauren?” Theo replied, still guarded.

“We always found a way to communicate, even when it was hard. We always managed to understand each other eventually,” Lauren explained, hoping to rekindle a spark of connection.

Theo nodded slowly. “Yeah, I remember,” she said, the words coming out with a hint of softness.

Lauren smiled, relieved that Theo seemed to be calming down. “Okay, so baby, let's bond. Ask me anything,” she said, trying to be as open as possible.

“Were those people demons?” Theo asked, her eyebrows raised.

Lauren hesitated. “Technically, they wanted to be. Like all Satanists, they have this weird idea of what they need to do to become residents of Gehenna,” she replied.

“What’s Gehenna?” Theo asked, confused.

“It’s Hell... in Latin,” Lauren replied, then continued, “They believe they have to conduct all sorts of sanctimonious ceremonies to prove their devotion, when really all they need to do is love themselves more than my father’s rules. The whole killing people and themselves thing came after they read someone’s twisted interpretation of a holy book.”

Theo frowned. “Why did you let them kill those people?”

“They were all going to be murdered by someone or themselves anyway,” Lauren explained. “I can show you their alternate futures if you want,” she added, raising her hand to materialize the images, but Theo stopped her with a shake of her head.

“Don’t, I’ve had enough of that,” Theo said, her voice weary.

Theo’s eyes narrowed as another thought crossed her mind. “Wait! You were in a fucking orgy! Did you have to do that?” she snapped, her voice sharp.

Lauren quickly tried to explain. “I didn’t participate in the orgy. I just... I just let her kiss me,” she stammered.

Theo's rage flared up again. “JUST let her kiss you? JUST? So you thought it was a good idea to make out with someone in front of me? What kind of idiot logic is that?”

Lauren tried to calm her down. “How else was I supposed to show you who I was?” she asked, her voice wavering.

“Lauren, what the hell are you talking about?” Theo retorted, her fists clenched.

Theo suddenly froze, realization dawning. “Your name’s not even Lauren, is it? I don't even know who you are!” she shouted, clutching her chest. The room seemed to spin, and her legs felt weak. She grabbed onto a chair to steady herself. “I can’t breathe,” she said, her voice panicking.

Lauren tried to help, reaching out to hold Theo, but Theo recoiled. “DON’T TOUCH ME!” she screamed, falling to the floor. Tears welled up, and she started to sob uncontrollably. Lauren, for the first time, felt utterly helpless. She had never seen Theo this upset before, and it broke her heart.

“Theo, I’m—” Lauren started, but Theo cut her off with a sharp “Don’t!” She knew what Lauren was about to say and didn't want to hear it. “Take me home,” she said, her voice cracking with grief.

Lauren, without a word, took them back to their home. Theo rushed into their bedroom and slammed the door shut behind her. Lauren knew better than to follow; Theo needed space. The anger and betrayal Theo felt were like a tangible force, pushing Lauren away.

As Lauren stood in the hallway, staring at the closed bedroom door, she heard a voice from the dining room. “You didn’t expect this response, did you?” The tone was dry and knowing. 

Lauren turned, her eyes narrowing with irritation. “Did you know?” she asked, her words edged with anger. 

God leaned casually against the doorframe, a smirk playing on his lips. “That tricking the love of your life into loving you without being honest? Yes, I knew that would end badly. You might want to work on that whole 'honesty' thing,” he said, his voice almost teasing. 

Lauren clenched her fists, realizing that she had messed up. Her heart sank as she realized she might have just lost the one person she cared about most in the world.

To Be Continued...


Thanks for tuning in. I had a lot of fun writing this chapter and can already see where I'm going to take the next. While you wait here's a sneak peak at next weeks saga of The Devil She Knew:

"Who are you?" she called out, her voice a faint echo in the abyss.

The response came as a gentle breeze, a whisper that danced on the edges of her consciousness. "And you are me," it murmured, a chorus of voices blending into a harmonious refrain.

In the swirling shadows, Theo sought out the source of the voice, a beacon of light in the darkness. Yet, all she found was the reflection of herself, a distorted image of her own existence.

"I am the darkness," the reflection proclaimed, its words a haunting melody that resonated within her soul.

With a sense of trepidation, Theo confronted the truth that lay before her. "Are you Universus?" she ventured, the words hanging in the air like a silent prayer.

See you next week.
The Devil She Knew

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