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The Devil She Knew - Chapter 5

Updated: Jun 2

The Devil She Knew

As the heavy wooden door thundered shut behind her, Theo felt the weight of the world momentarily lift from her shoulders. The room enveloped her in a cocoon of dim light, casting eerie shadows across the walls. Each creak of the floorboards beneath her feet echoed like a lament, a mournful symphony to accompany her tumultuous thoughts.

Her steps became a restless dance, tracing a chaotic pattern across the worn carpet. Anger simmered within her, a tempest threatening to engulf her fragile composure. How could Lauren, or whoever she truly was, deceive her for so long? The revelation tore at the fabric of her reality, leaving behind tattered remnants of trust.

In the flickering candlelight, Theo's features contorted with disbelief. "I've been entangled with the devil incarnate for seven years?" The words hung heavy in the air, laden with disbelief and a hint of morbid fascination. She struggled to reconcile her love with the monstrous truth that now stared her in the face.

"God is my father-in-law," she whispered, the realization hitting her with the force of a revelation. Yet, even as she uttered the words, they felt hollow, devoid of the solace she desperately sought.

Her pacing ceased as she stood before the ornate dresser, its polished surface reflecting a fractured image of herself. For a fleeting moment, she was a stranger to her own reflection, a specter haunting the edges of her consciousness. Tears welled in her eyes, betraying the turmoil that raged within her soul.

With a primal scream, Theo unleashed the torrent of emotions that threatened to consume her. The sound reverberated through the room, a primal cry of anguish echoing into the void.

Outside the confines of the room, Luce sat in silent agony, her heart heavy with the weight of Theo's pain. Each anguished cry pierced her soul, a dagger of guilt twisting in her chest. She longed to rush to Theo's side, to beg for forgiveness and offer solace in her arms. But she knew that Theo needed space, a reprieve from the chaos that threatened to engulf them both.

Time seemed to stretch into infinity as Luce waited, her breath hitching with each passing moment. She knew the agony of waiting all too well, each second stretching into an eternity of uncertainty.

As Theo's rage ebbed away, a profound sadness settled over her like a shroud. Words eluded her, lost in the vast expanse of her despair. With trembling limbs, she collapsed onto the bed, her tears a silent lament to the shattered dreams that lay in ruins around her.

In the depths of her slumber, Theo found herself adrift in a sea of darkness, a realm devoid of time and space. Yet, within the void, she sensed a presence, a whisper of consciousness that beckoned to her.

"Who are you?" she called out, her voice a faint echo in the abyss.

The response came as a gentle breeze, a whisper that danced on the edges of her consciousness. "And you are me," it murmured, a chorus of voices blending into a harmonious refrain.

In the swirling shadows, Theo sought out the source of the voice, a beacon of light in the darkness. Yet, all she found was the reflection of herself, a distorted image of her own existence.

"I am the darkness," the reflection proclaimed, its words a haunting melody that resonated within her soul.

With a sense of trepidation, Theo confronted the truth that lay before her. "Are you Universus?" she ventured, the words hanging in the air like a silent prayer.

In response, the darkness shifted and coalesced, forming the familiar shape of her bedroom mirror. Within its depths, Theo glimpsed a version of herself that she had never known, a manifestation of her innermost desires and fears.

"I am you," the reflection declared, its voice a whisper of promise and possibility.

As Theo grappled with the revelation unfolding before her, the reflection spoke of destiny and purpose, of a power that lay dormant within her soul. With each word, a sense of clarity washed over her, illuminating the path that lay ahead.

"I want you to embrace your destiny, Theodora," the reflection urged, its voice a beacon of hope in the darkness. "To wield this power with wisdom and compassion, to guide humanity towards harmony with the cosmos."

With newfound resolve, Theo vowed to honor the trust that had been placed in her, to become the bridge between worlds and the guardian of the cosmic balance. As the darkness receded, she felt a sense of peace settle over her, a quiet assurance that she was not alone in her journey.

With a deep breath, Theo opened her eyes to the dim light of her room, her heart heavy with the weight of her newfound purpose. She knew that the road ahead would be fraught with challenges and uncertainty, but she was ready to face them head-on.

As she stepped out into the hallway, she found Luce waiting for her, her eyes filled with concern and love. With a heavy heart, Theo knew that their paths were no longer intertwined, that she must walk this path alone.

"I want to separate," she whispered, her voice barely a breath in the stillness of the night. And though it pained her to utter the words, she knew that it was the only way forward.

To Be Continued...


Thanks for tuning in. I had a lot of fun writing this chapter and can already see where I'm going to take the next. While you wait here's a sneak peak at next weeks saga of The Devil She Knew:

Lauren and Cerb - an Interlude

See you next week.
The Devil She Knew

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