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SEPTEMBER 7th 2024


12 - 6 PM


Tournament Structure

Format: The tournament will be conducted in a *Swiss System Format format.

Rounds: Each player will participate in a minimum of 5 rounds.

Pairings: Players will be paired randomly for the first round. Subsequent rounds will pair players based on their win-loss records.

Time Control: Each player will have 25 minutes for their moves, totaling 50 minutes per game. A timer will be used.

Swiss Advantages

Fair Competition: Players are paired against opponents with similar win-loss records after the initial round, leading to more balanced and competitive matches.

Guaranteed Rounds: Each player competes in a set number of 5 rounds, regardless of their win-loss record, ensuring everyone has ample opportunity to play.

Efficient Time Management: The Swiss System allows for a clear schedule, making it easier to manage the tournament within a single day.

Limited Eliminations: Unlike single or double elimination formats, no one is knocked out early, which keeps all participants engaged throughout the event.

24 Player Structure

Number of Rounds: With 24 players, 5 rounds are typically sufficient to determine a clear winner, though 6 rounds might offer even more accuracy in ranking the players.


Pairing System: In the first round, pair players randomly. For subsequent rounds, pair players based on their win-loss records, ensuring players with similar performance levels compete against each other.

Scoring and Tie-Breakers: Use a standard scoring system to keep track of wins, losses, and points. Employ tie-breaker criteria such as total points scored, head-to-head results, or strength of schedule to rank players with identical records.


General Rules

Eligibility: All registered participants must check in at the registration desk at least 30 minutes before the start of the tournament.

Equipment: Official Scrabble boards, tiles, and timers will be provided. Players may not use their own equipment unless approved by the organizers.

Dictionary: The official dictionary for challenges will be Scrabble Dictionary or Webster's Dictionary. Players are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this dictionary.

Gameplay: Standard Scrabble rules apply with the following modifications:

  • Players draw tiles to determine who goes first. The player who draws the letter closest to "A" starts. A blank tile beats any letter.

  • Turns must be completed within the player's allocated time on the timer.

  • Players must draw tiles from the bag without looking.

  • All words placed on the board must be connected to existing words.

Scoring: Players are responsible for keeping their own scores and cross-checking with their opponents at the end of the game.

Challenges: If a player challenges a word, the timer is paused, and the word is checked against the official dictionary. If the word is valid, the challenger loses their turn. If the word is invalid, the player must remove the word and lose their turn.


Fair Play: Cheating, using unapproved aids, or unsportsmanlike behavior will result in immediate disqualification.

Disputes: Any disputes not resolved through challenges will be settled by the tournament director. The director’s decision is final.

Spectators: Spectators must remain quiet and not interfere with the gameplay. They are not allowed to provide any assistance to players.


Determining The Winner and Runner-Up

Round Structure: Each player competes in 5 rounds

Scoring: Players earn points based on their performance in each game (typically 1 point for a win, 0.5 for a draw, and 0 for a loss).

Rankings: After all rounds are completed, players are ranked by their total points. The player with the highest score is declared the winner. The player with the second-highest score is the runner-up.

Tie-Breakers: In case of ties in total points, we will use a Head to Head tie-breaking criteria to rank players.

Implementing The Swiss System For 24 Players

Number of Rounds: For 24 players, 5 or 6 rounds are typically sufficient to establish clear rankings for the top positions.

Pairings: Initial pairings are random. Subsequent pairings are based on players’ scores, matching those with similar records against each other.

Announcing Winners:

    • After the final round, we calculate the total points for each player.

    • Apply tie-breakers if necessary.

    • Announce the player with the highest points as the winner and the player with the second-highest points as the runner-up.




SEPTEMBER 7th 2024


12 - 6 PM

Registration: 12 PM - 12:30 PM


Welcome and Rules Briefing: 12:30 - 12:45 PM


Round 1: 12:45 PM

Break: 1:30 PM

Round 2: 1:45 PM

Break: 2:30 PM

Round 3: 2:45 PM

Break: 3:30 PM

Round 4: 3:45 PM

Break: 4:30 PM

Round 5: 4:45 PM

Break: 5:30 PM


Award Ceremony: 5:45 PM

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