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Paint The World

On Sunday, May 28th, 2023, twenty of the city’s best visual artists will join together at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn for an ambitious creative collaboration. Working side by side to create a unique and impressive ten-part art piece, the diverse group of talents will demonstrate their collective power as they explore their creativity together. It's sure to be an inspiring event that people won't soon forget - it marks the first annual collaborative live art exhibition hosted by Brooklyn Artistry!

Ten talented teams are about to collaborate on a spectacular masterpiece! Each artist will bring their own unique style to the project, creating 10 distinct art pieces. The canvas for this work of art is a 4ftx4ft oak board and each team has just five hours to complete their portion of the project. As they work, they will be provided with food and live entertainment. In the end, all ten works of art will be combined into one amazing creation that reflects the diverse skill set of all its creators. Don't miss out on seeing this incredible artwork in person!

Musicians Needed
Models Needed
Visual Artists Needed

We're looking for local musicians to take the stage for live performances and an intimate talk. Each month we will feature one musical artist to headline our live sessions.

We're looking for models to grace us in our next Drink & Draw session in Brooklyn, NY. No nude modeling is necessary. We're looking for someone who can bring style to the event. Modeling sessions are for 1 hour.

We need visual artists to join us for our next major Spring event - Paint The World. Ten artists will work side by side to create a 5 piece masterpiece. There will be two artists per 4ft x 4ft oakwood board.


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