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William Askew

Brooklyn Artistry

Who are you?
My name is William W. Askew Jr. and I'm a traveling artist and illustrator slash wanderlust.


What do you do?
Think all the time but when I'm not doing that I aim to reach an expertise at being creative. Right now I have my hand in illustration, painting, art consultation, writing, and teaching. I'm an instructor of the arts; one of the best jobs you can have. I also am a professional networker and have some experience in marketing. For corporate reasons, I'm good at design work and I decided to know what entrepreneurialism is so, I founded [strong. bad. The world]. 

When did you start this company or project?
I started [strong. bad. The world] in 2006. 


Where are you located? 
Currently, I'm located in the heart of New York. Well, I guess not because that would be Brooklyn now right? I'm currently residing in NYC. But I'm based in Leigh acres, Florida.


Why are you what people need in their lives?
That's easy. There is strength in numbers, tact in strategic placement. This is the value that art has in any establishment. My art and I place value. 


As an individual artist, I contemplated the structure of my society. I searched across the country to find where and how artist gathered. My intent is unification. To find the construct that shapes culture, mold it, wield it as a basket to gather ideas and talents to further technology and ideology of many raise the bar.


I accomplish this task through the use of freelancing and infiltrating communities across the board. Taking note of eventful happenings and talented individuals for future prospects. By freelancing, I am able to learn more about the various fields I have an interest in.

Brooklyn Artistry


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