Attacking Boredom One Dish At a Time

Norie Manigault has a knack for good food and drinks. So we asked the guru to show us a little something for BACo TV. In his first series of videos, he'll be showing us how to make one his amazing dishes. 

Brooklyn Artistry Learning Center

BACo LC is the newest edition helping us get back on track. We're controlling the narrative as independent artists again. Get the resources they need to creatively elevate. I’m asking creators to join me as we launch the Brooklyn Artistry Learning Center to the world.

Prelo White is the Founder of Brooklyn Artistry, a company that believes in the power of community. Prelo is a Brooklyn native that grew up in a family that was centered around creativity, being the oldest out of 17 siblings Prelo understands the importance of being a positive role model. Prelo informs the audience that in the beginning, Brooklyn Artistry was a collective. 

Prelo White & Brooklyn Artistry Think You Deserve To Be More Than A Starving Artist

UN-RULY is the epitome of media elevating black women and 4C praises. "Un-ruly was created to celebrate and inspire the versatility and beauty of Black hair and women". The motto sits fittingly for such a platform putting itself at the forefront of highlighting black girl excellence. When writer Spottie Ottie approached us with the offer to be featured I couldn't say no.  


Spottie Ottie wanted to know about what it takes to be an artist during Rona's reign so I gave insight into what it takes to be smart while creative and how to outsmart the pandemics hold on our mental, creativity, and our pockets. 

See what Spottie had to ask and what I had to say. 


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