Expand Your Sip & Paint Concept With These 5 Steps

The Sip & Paint concept is one of the most competitive markets in the art and commerce industry. It can be more than challenging to get into let alone stand out if you’re not a franchise. If you’re a small brand or a freelance artist looking to make extra cash, there are ways to get people to notice your classes. Before you launch these will give you an advantage.

Be The Strategist

An easy way to fast track your marketing plan is to make sure you know what you’ll do to cover digital marketing, guerrilla marketing, and making personal connections. It’s exciting to host these types of events, but you’ll need to make sure people hear about them and controlling that will give you an advantage. Spend some time on your plan by doing research and groundwork. An excellent marketing strategy would include the facts you’ve gathered by studying your competitors and understanding the interest of their customers.

Brand Consistency

Consistency is one of the most important traits you’ll need when doing anything that involves growing a business so make sure your branding is precisely the way you want it. Once you’re happy with your logo put it on as many things as you can; paint cups, tissues, and aprons for a start. If you can brand it do it! Your company name should subconsciously become added to your customers' memory.

Partnering With Locals

After gaining the information you needed, creating the best marketing strategy, and settling on the perfect logo, choose the right location to conduct your class. Partner with a local venue that has an excellent customer flow and aligns with your industry. The idea is to work so well with each other you become a staple. After you’ve done the business side of things, you can start to get creative.

Advertise To Groups

The best way to fill up a class is to advertise to groups. Visit the venue on your off days and scout! Penetrate groups of friends and pitch your event. Make sure none of them leave without a business card or a flyer. Another way is to listen to why they’re in a group. Understanding their celebrations can open the door to offering a private event.

Offer Incentives

Giving away free wine, discounts, or specials would entice customers to come and return.

I hope these five ideas inspired you to start your sip and paint business with ease. If it worked for us, then it’ll work for you! Good luck!

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